Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday sunday sunday the US 30 Dragstrip; where the great ones (echo echo echo) riiiiiiiiiiiide!
We could hear that from our house on Ash Street in Hobart. We went once and it was so loud. Not my thing. Neither is NASCAR. But driving fast down Old Hobart Road was fun. What a rush. 
Today is a typical Sunday. But the sun was shining and I am much more productive when the sun shines. Got the kitchen and living room straightened up. Made poached eggs on toast after church (Grace cantored today. She has such a lovely voice). Did some calligraphy, wish I had the time and money to play with my art toys, but not today. Checked for my Global Business grades a million times. Still not posted. Tried to schedule my Master's classes for next summer, but tow of the required courses are not offered. Hmmm
Made a pot of black bean soup with chorizo. Spicy and yummy. That's a blog word- yummy. I never use that in real life.
I have been having a lot of fun on Facebook, catching up with friends (ish) people from high school. It really is an instant community. I think if our class had been on Facebook and communicating, we would have had a turn out for the reunion. I have found children and nieces and nephews of people I used to know. I feel old and content at the same time.
Rosie and Grace may audition for plays in the Spring. It is so much fun to see them on stage. 
Tomorrow is Preview Day at school. Potential DCAD students and their parents will get the grand tour of our two buildings. I hope it goes well. I have been to many with my girls and I hope I've been able to give my fellow workers the consumer's point of view. Lack of preparation and customer service is very bad these days. We are competing with everyone- even if we offer something different it comes down to the connection we make with each of them.
Christine got a fabulous new job. I am so proud. She didn't let the lack of a degree slow her down, and she's still on track with her Bach/Master's program so that we will graduate at the same time. What a party we will have Jan. '10. You'll hear the whooping all the way to Indiana.