Friday, September 18, 2009


I'm trying to add a cool background and am having a bit of a difficult time getting it done. Arg.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yeay! Fall!

I know it's about to get hot again, but right now I am enjoying this incredible weather. I always feel more creative in the fall. So, to get things started, I spent Saturday in the studio making letters out of bits of everything! Too fun. Now it is all hanging in the Delaware College of Art and Design Toni and Stuart B. Young Gallery. I actually finished an artsy project! I'll be teaching calligraphy and party planning this fall, so it's great to be able to show people the possibilities!

Some people argue that calligraphy isn't "art," but I couldn't disagree more. There is something so satisfying about creating a piece that people think was done on the computer. Or that they are proud to hang on the wall. Or that speaks emotionally to them. The motion of lettering is like that of a conductor of a symphony- the sweep and rhythm of the arm, the sound of the pen against the paper. It's dangerous because it is addictive. And school starts again next week. Different kind of creativity and pen and paper- not as much fun. But when that is complete (in December) it will be amazingly satisfying. I won't get to letter my own diploma, but I'm OK with that.

Christine and Leaf are very close to being homeowners. We checked out the house with the inspector. Things are not in great shape, but they are manageable (as long as the seller takes care of the roof). My dad and I were laughing at the desire to own a home. I think we would both move to a condo (his would be on a golf course; mine would be in the city overlooking water of some sort). But my mom and my husband would never indulge us. Funny how much we're alike.

Grace took her senior pictures and they are gorgeous. We had a lot of fun picking out the "best" ones. Rosie started school this week and her good friend is either in her classes or has the same break time as Rosie. That will be nice for both of them. We're still sending warm fuzzy thoughts to Emily that she'll find something soon. She saw her Godfather for the first time in twenty years. He lives in LA too. Such a small world.

We'll be visiting mom and dad this weekend. My sister Christine will come down from Connecticut. We haven't all been together since our vacation earlier this summer. Time gets away from us, and months go by without being around my family. But mom will go crazy cooking for everyone (which makes her happy), Chris will bring stuff to make handmade cards (which makes her happy) and I'll just take it all in: Mom, Dad, Chris, Matthew, my girls, maybe Scott, Susan and my nephews.