Friday, July 15, 2011

Listen here, Martha

When I spend $5.95 on your Wedding magazine, because it has an image of paper flowers with a sign that says "Make this," I expect the directions to be in your magazine. Pretty frustrating to find out in the article that you have to go online to find the directions- for free.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Brain is full

The wedding is less than two months away, but, thanks to my daughter sacrificing a weekend, we got the invitations done. They are really elaborate, but very fun. I can't post the pictures yet. Suffice it to say, three 15-hour days, midnight runs to Kinko's and buying AC Moore, Michael's and JoAnn's out of every glue stick made for a very crafty holiday weekend. They've been mailed, and this weekend is the In-Laws annual picnic. Hopefully they will have all received theirs, and will have nice things to say....but that's a fantasy. There will be those who are impressed, those who are confused, and those who just don't get it. Those are the people who don't get our family Christmas card either.

But you can't please everyone. Just the bride. If she hadn't come in this weekend, it wouldn't have gotten done or wouldn't have been what she wanted. I procrastinate on things I'm unsure of. I also procrastinate on things that I could knock out quite quickly. I just procrastinate. Period. In most things. But some things cannot be put off. Like making a succulents topiary for the wedding. Things need time to grow. So get busy. And judging by how long it took to do the invitations, we need to get moving on the programs. Lots of information and names and traditions will go into this Catholic/Jewish wedding program. No glue sticks this time. Please?

My sister hosted a fabulous DIY themed shower in the DCAD Gallery. Black and white. People brought DIY gifts for Christine to do or gifts they had made themselves. It was incredible. Then everyone got into teams and made aprons that corresponded to a holiday or event. My mom made a beautiful cake, and Matthew's mom made a quilt. Everyone was given a heart to write on that will be attached to the quilt. Matthew's sister made a stunning crocheted tablecloth. Holy Christmas. And the give-away baskets (each one represented a room in a house and had a plant and fun accessories that went with the room) were quite exceptional. Best. Shower. Ever.

The post-wedding BBQ is here at the house, and I have a lot do. Cleaning and purging are the priority. I need Matthew to make a fancy database for me to keep on schedule. He likes that. Makes him feel like the task master. He'll be working nights, going to Atlanta for work, and working more nights and weekends this summer. I miss having him around. I liked our schedule when he was in school, but he has to do this crazy shift schedule now. Part of the career path.

Non-wedding stuff: Rosie just spent a week with Emily in LA. Seems like they had a good time. Rosie met "Reid" from "Criminal Minds." Her fantasy man. That could make any trip awesome.

Emily is moving up at the Hollywood Best Buy while working on her writing career. It's fun to get texts from her about the celebrities she's met. We are celebrity junkies. We just are.

Grace is bored and can't wait to get back to Nashville. I'll be driving her back in August to get her settled for the school year. She'll fly home two weeks later for the wedding. Emily will fly in to Nashville and they'll fly in to Baltimore together, just in time for Friday night Girls' Night at the house. Nine girls from 18-26 in my house. Wow. It will be quite a weekend.

I attended a prospect research conference in New York. I know. Don't be jealous. It's great information to have. But it's overwhelming how much time is spent gathering information (wealth indicators) on people. And who has time? And who's going to do something with it? And wow....there are a lot of ways to look into someone's background. Kinda' scary. But I'm not a prospect... so...yeah.

Time to get busy. I took today and tomorrow off from work. Lots to do before September 2.