Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How do they know?

When the girls were little and the phone would ring, that's when they would decide to go nuts. If I am working on a project, that's when Matthew wants to hang out. Now, when I am in the groove of writing a paper, my daughters want to fill me in on all the things we haven't talked about over the last few days. It's amazing how hungry we are for each other's company and attention. It's wonderful to actually have a family that WANTS to hang's just the timing. But then there is no free time. Every second is filled, and if it isn't- then we nap. 
My research paper is due Friday, and today, TODAY, I finally understood what the professor's notes meant. And today, TODAY, someone from the city asked if I had received the data I had requested. I love this topic: economic development and increasing housing occupancy rates. But I don't know what I can do to pursue this. My Master's is Management. Other schools have Master's in Urban Planning or other relevant studies. I guess I will continue the path of self-education on this. I've been reading about this since 93. There is so much good information and examples of failed projects in cities. But with the current economy, all stats are thrown out the window.
I've been enjoying my Current Leadership class. The readings are great and the class really gets into the discussions- finally! But it ends the 18th; only a 5 week class. I wonder of these shortened classes are actually helping us (graduating faster) or hurting us (not really absorbing the information). I'm sure someone's Master's thesis will be on this topic.
So now that the family has gone to bed, I sit here writing instead of reorganizing my paper. I'll get it done. I'll do the requisite PowerPoint. I'll take some pictures downtown tomorrow before class. And I will accept that it will not be an A paper. I can't be perfect all the time. There are more important things to do- like chat with my girls.

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Sassy Sissy said...

You go girl! I'm sure you will get a good grade on that paper. With your insights and knowledge, you'll ace it!