Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's been a while, I know.

The inner struggle continues. And yet, the struggle has its own struggle. It is saying "Shut the F up and get movin. Stop whinin. Do something. Finish something. Quit whining about your daily tasks. Quit whining about ANYTHING!" Sheesh. Lots of yelling in my head. "So you aren't God's gift to the fundraising world. So what?"

My goal is to make an envelope for the Graceful Envelope contest, make a piece for the CE show, and relax. Not the paralyzing kind of relaxing because you're overwhelmed; but the "I am only human" kind. I have the other things to do- cooking, laundry, cleaning, work stuff, like always. Can't get Christine's wedding out of my brain, because, not only is it coming very soon, but a great creative escape.

I'm going to go make poached eggs. I'm hungry. I'm lazy. And damn it- I kinda like me.

What a waste of a post. My apologies. But I did it.

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