Thursday, February 26, 2009

Change is coming....

I was looking forward to Lent. No really. It usually flies by and then Easter comes and I feel like I didn't do my part. So yesterday I really prayed- for my beautiful and feisty daughters, for my amazing husband. I made my promise not to eat out every day (save money and calories), to get up at 6 when Matthew leaves on a "regular" day, and to get to work early. I got up at 7:30, upset my stomach, and got to work at 9:30. But I made it to church, and that was a win.

This morning I got up at 6:30 and got to work by 9:00. OK. Better. I will improve.

Matthew gave up coffee. I told him that in the interest of public safety, a nuclear engineer should be FULLY AWAKE on the job! He disagreed while he nodded off after dinner. He'll do it. He's so much stronger and more disciplined than I am. Thank goodness.

I am trying to balance homework and preparing a room for my good friend who will be joining us soon. We've had a couple of people stay with us before- Grace's friends. The first one, the girls called the "Temp" as in "temporary brother. Then we had Gabi, and the girls called her the "Perm." But she wasn't. When I told Christine that Roberta was coming to live with us, and it would be nice not to have someone sneaking out in the middle of the night or drinking all our alcohol, she said, "You don't know that for sure." hahaha. You hear that, Roberta? I have been forewarned. But at least when you come sneaking in through the patio doors, I won't be standing there with the evil eye; I will be there to give you a great big hug!


christine said...

omg i will PAY to watch you give roberta the "can you do THIS in your jeans?!" lecture. really. ok, i'll pay $2. but it'll help offset all that eating out you're secretly still going to do.

Roberta Adams said...

I will throw in $2 to watch the "can you do THIS in your jeans?" leccture too. Hmmmmm. I hear you. I'm trying to change my bedtime so I won't be up at 2am creaking on the stairs and waking everybody up. Insomnia is a terrible thing - but I've discovered Excedrin PM. Yay for that. Post the house rules on my door and I promise to try my best. :-0