Friday, August 5, 2011


My friend Krista just posted this on her blog,

We worked on this baby shower for our friend/co-worker. It was very lucky that the building was shut down the day before the shower, so we could play in my kitchen with these cute little guys (not Scott and Randy. The pandas!).

Each one of them seemed to have their own little personality! And the cake pops. I had tried to make them for a family party a few weeks earlier. Epic fail. The ones that were left in the freezer kept getting eaten (hmmm). So, I made a decree to STOP eating my experiments without permission. With just nine left, it made a perfect little teapot bouquet for the mom-to-be.

I've also been playing with tissue paper for Christine's wedding, so I had plenty on hand for us to make lanterns and gift wrapping. Simple, 70's and cheerful.

Yeah- the sad looking square lanterns. Not the made-by-someone-with-nimble-fingers-and-from-a-faraway-land-round ones. But it was fun to play all day. How often do we get to do that?

It is the people I work with/days like this that help me endure enjoy my job.

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Krista said...

I am fond of Mr. Candle's face in the picture with Jess. I think that says it all.

Also, I'd really like to do this all the time so if anyone is reading this and wants to hire us...we are happy to assist you. ;)