Sunday, October 26, 2008

Grace is a cantor

Today we heard Grace cantor for the first time. She has such a strong voice. People came up to her after mass and thanked her. Nice. Of course she ended the mass with "Have a great Sunday, guys!" That, apparently, was for us. Two weeks ago she got her permit and ran to the desk of the DMV announcing, "I'm here to get my permit." This DMV holds about 500 people and with Matthew slinking down in his seat and covering his face, she comes running out yelling, "I did it, guys! I got my permit." So much more relaxed and confident than I was at 16, heck at 43! 
She's our baby. When asked why there was a gap between her birthday and Rosie's (4 years) she announced to the world it was because of the dead baby. That's right. I had miscarried and she told people that there was a dead baby. It was Emily who told me I was pregnant with Grace before I knew I was pregnant. She was about 5 and hugged me, her face pressed against my stomach and said, "There's a baby in your tummy." And she was right. 

I love things like that. Things that are uncomfortable or freaky or intuitive. My girls (you'll meet them all) are beautiful and awkward and confident and talented. They embarrass us and we embarrass them. We are a tight family. Some of the girls are closer than others, but in time, they will be super close the way I finally am with my sister. It took us a long time, but we are such good friends now...and she is my hero. That is also another story. 

So, I am caught up with today's homework, and am heading into the garage and attic and basement to treasure hunt. We are decorating the offices tomorrow and decided that our hallway will be Beetlejuicish. Krista Rothwell started working with us a few months ago and she is too much fun! So talented and funny and a huge New Kids Geek! I've never met one. But I did buy tickets for the girls to go see The Spice Girls and they screamed and danced like 10 year olds. I have a feeling Krista will be like that at the concert she's going to...with VIP Passes. Her husband would be wise to pack oxygen.

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