Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween at DCAD

How fun. Carved pumpkins, a graphic design poster contest, Costume parade and the staff is whacked on out candy--- best holiday ever!

I only had the nerve to be dressed ugly in 9th grade (?) for Alison MacLeod's halloween party. I went as the bride of Frankenstein. Today I went all out. Some people didn't recognize me, which is fun if you're hideous! As soon as I put the cigarette in my hand, my alter ego appears. Plus I have a wicked headache which makes me cranky. I spent way too much, but the costume is a keeper.

Naturally I am supposed to be writing a beautiful heart-felt letter for the Annual Appeal. My fingernails have paint under them and each time I answer the phone I get makeyup all over the receiver.

Krista is Lydia and Torey is a gorgeous Delia. The hallway is black and white striped and checked and webbed. I wish I felt better so I could really enjoy this. And tonight is the staff get-together at Ameritage. In costume. People will never look at me the same again:)

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Sassy Sissy said...

Okay, this is too bizarre. You must have sent out a telpathic message or something. How is it that you mention me in your blog and then we hook up a couple months later. ODDDDDDDD. By the way, you were a stunning bride!