Saturday, October 25, 2008

Once upon a time...

No, that will come later. Today I am smelling the brownies that are cooling on the counter. I know there is fake whipped cream in the fridge, and soon I will indulge. I have a paper to write for my Global Business class and hopefully my teammates will forward the report information to me so that I can turn it into a cohesive final project for all of us. 
I had a nightmare that one of my board members wanted to renew his vows with his lovely wife, and my home was chosen to host this affair. In the dream (nightmare) my house was bigger, and so messy. I am on my knees picking up trash and hiding the trash and the clothes under the bed and in bags. I want people to walk through the house to the party rooms, and not see any trash, but every time I turn around, there is more. And the kids are just looking at me and not helping. I'm crying and looking at the clock and crying some more!
When I woke up, I looked around and was surrounded by the mess that is always there. I couldn't stand it! So after I completed my mid-term, I tackled the living room.  Our bathroom is next. Matthew did such a beautiful job building it, that it's a shame it's always a mess. And it's my stuff. I admit it. My office at work is small but cute and decorated like a magazine. Everyone else is JEALOUS, but they could decorate theirs (is 'theirs' a word?). I couldn't paint, so I put fabric on the wall, and my ultra talented friend Roberta made me three art pieces that everyone loves. Why must offices look like offices? Someday I will take over the world and change that!
Tomorrow I must scout for Halloween stuff to decorate the office doors. It was my bright idea to have SPIRIT Week at our school (no sports teams, just lots of Goth kids) and we will be having Voo Doo You Love? on Tuesday. I saw voo doo dolls as a make and take and Jane came up with the name. She's so clever! But there's work to be done.
So here is my complaint file: Major project report for Global, plus two more papers, design training program for final project for Training and Development class, log 120 hours working on Master's project which is a business plan for a graphic design studio (but can't cross over into work day, so I have to go in early and stay late to get it done), finish thesis about people not moving into Wilmington- but can't extract data from city officials or developers, which is frustrating. Clean the house for veggie/not veggie Thanksgiving (I am not going anywhere) and pray we have some money for Christmas (but can we do the party this year?). We never miss a year. Is it time to let other people bring the food? Hmmm. Can I let go of my inner Martha?

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