Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Killing time

I'm obsessed with checking my transcript on Wilmington University's website. My Master's has not been conferred due to a substitution that was made for a required class. The substitution was authorized by the head of the department (and my thesis mentor) because the required class was not in the catalog at the time I was registering. But he has not told the auditor yet. Argh.

If I don't get to walk in Sunday's grad ceremony, I have to leave the family and friend luncheon to go walk in the Bachelor's. Or maybe turn it into a bruncheon instead. I really don't want this to happen, BUT I have a co-worker who hated that I was in school, left early for school and enjoyed school. She said she was sick of hearing me talk about it. This will allow me to talk about it for another 5 months- until I can walk in the May ceremony. How delicious.

5 minutes have passed. I have to check again.


Roberta Adams said...

I think you need to take those transcripts, have printed fabric made, make that into clothing and wear it to show the damned world and those targeted people who didn't care if you achieved or not. Perhaps an upgraded paycheck hat and shoes to go with the ensemble. . . You rule the universe, Valerie, and don't let anyone stomp on you ever again for "lack" of anything. Giant congratulations. What a role model for your girls. Sniff, sniff. I love you.

Sassy Sissy said...

Well, it's Sunday. What happened?

Roberta Adams said...

Need more entries! Keep blogging - your fans are waiting. :-)