Saturday, January 2, 2010

Let's try this again....2010

So, at the beginning of 2009, my co-workers and I gathered in an unused studio classroom, and created resolution tags. Jane always has these great mailing manila tags, and we brought magazines, pens, stickers and glue sticks to embellish the tags. I can't remember the few that I made- which is pretty sad because they hang on a chandelier above my office desk. But I do remember the main ones: plant flowers (nope), get healthy (still no), and university (either get a job at one or finish my degree). This one I can honestly say I half accomplished. After 24 years, I finished my Bachelor's and Master's. I also surpassed my salary goal. It wasn't a resolution, but having had a disappointing salary issue ealier in the year, I was happy to be making an adult amount of money.
     Now it's the beginning of 2010, and I'm not any thinner or healthier. I never gardened. But I wrote lots of papers and worked with a lot of classmates on team projects, and it really opened my eyes to new ways of solving problems, dealing with different personalities, and digging deeper.
    What's on tap for this year? I'm really not sure. I really have to lose weight. I have to unclutter the house. I want to paint things. I want the girls to find jobs, and schools and happiness. But right now I just want to enjoy. To relax on the weekends with Matthew, go to a movie, read the books I've started, and cook. Savor 2010.

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